Jul 19, 2017

Breaking Chains of Oppression Part 3

Jesus was crucified at Golgotha (place of skull) for our mind. Under the new covenant the enemy wants to battle Christians with lies to our mind because he has been stripped of authority. Jesus paid a tremendous price for your spirit, mind and body! The weapons of spiritual warfare is for our mind. 


Jul 14, 2017

Breaking Chains of Oppression Part 2

Pastor Gary Seay challenges us through the scripture not to look for ourselves (like we would a year book) but to look for Jesus, the one who is the author. 


Jul 6, 2017

Breaking Chains of Oppression Part 1

Every forget why you walked into a room? Ever forget where you put your keys? We are a forgetful people and this is why the psalmist said forget not all His benefits. Freedom from Oppression is what Jesus does, it's one of His many benefits. 


Jun 28, 2017

New Heart Part 2

Your heart has a mind, will and emotion that needs to be renewed to your new identity. Pastor Brandon shares how to love our brethren is to remember the sacrifice paid for us.



Jun 22, 2017

Pastor Xavier Guilford Special Guest

Pastor Xavier shares his testimony for Father's Day about the character of God!


Jun 6, 2017

New Hearts Part 1

Do we have a sinful heart that is wicked or did we receive new hearts when we became new creations? Pastor Brandon explores scripture and the vision of the church. 


May 27, 2017

What’s Your Calling Part 4

We are all called to do the act of grace. What happens when we give a little? Jesus is revealed to the community!


May 19, 2017

What is Your Calling Part 3

We are called to prayer but how do we pray in faith? Are we moved by what we see and feel? Or are we moved by faith from the word of Christ? 


May 11, 2017

What’s Your Calling Part 2

Pastor Brandon uses scripture to discover the will of God for your life. Under the new covenant it is no longer a mystery or secret but He makes known His will clearly to every believer!



May 11, 2017

What is the purpose of grace?

Pastor Dana Pollard answers why God gave the gospel of grace and its purpose for our life!


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