Nov 16, 2017

Empowering Women Part 1

Women have gifts from Jesus for the church body. How does the church empower women? It begins in our home and relationships. 


Nov 10, 2017

The Lord’s Rest Part 5

Rest is knowing you don't have to do anything to earn God's favor but knowing that you can do everything with God's favor. Does resting in grace equal the absence of hard work? Join Pastor Brandon as he finishes the series the Lord's Rest. 


Oct 31, 2017

The Lord’s Rest Part 4

Special Guest Dr. Andrew Farley shares his testimony and answers 3 questions that are foundational in the finished work of Jesus. Listen and hear how to relax with God!


Oct 19, 2017

The Lord’s Rest Part 3

Guest Speaker Steve Martinez shares his life experience with the love of the Father. Fear, stress and insecurity are dissolved by recognizing and meditating on His love!



Oct 14, 2017

The Lord’s Rest Part 2

Rest in the forgiveness of sins. Is your forgiveness from God based on your memory or apology? Our forgiveness was finished in the one time sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Rest in this truth!


Oct 7, 2017

GFE Men’s Retreat 2017

Special Guest Alan Smith shares about walking with Jesus as believers. Doing relationships well, brings the Father glory in the heavens and on the earth. Making effort to rely on the power of Christ not our own will power to walk in relationships. 


Oct 4, 2017

The Lord’s Rest Part 1

Rest is a person Jesus Christ. Feel the need to stress and worry? It's possible we haven't relied on the gospel of peace. We make every effort to remind our soul to rest in the finished work of Jesus!


Sep 20, 2017

Getting Plugged In Part 5

Sound doctrine in the finished work of the cross cultivates a sound mind. In 3 John we study and understand that God wants us to prosper in all things according to the prosperity of our soul. Meditating and looking to Christ brings healing to our body and mind. 


Sep 14, 2017

Getting Plugged In Part 4

Jesus restores the wasted years. He raises our faith and hope as we come to Him! Christ raises our desire for the impossible as hope is restored at His feet.  


Sep 7, 2017

Getting Plugged In Part 2

With the hurricanes and tragedies of life, the local church is looked upon for power by the world. When a community is impacted by the church, Christ is revealed as the head of the body.



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